Terms of Use

ThemeCuties.com Terms of Use

All graphic designs, characters, copyrights and distribution rights remain the sole property of the artist Yajaira Mower, also known as Yari Mower. I reserve the right to change these rules at any time without prior notice. If something is unclear, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!

RULES FOR DIGITAL USE (personal websites, emails, etc.):

1) You are welcome to use my images on web-sites provided that the images are not "downloadable" or "printable' in any fashion. The images should be used as enhancements or decorative illustrations only. The use of these images as patterns or projects is forbidden without written consent.

2) You may not use the graphics for the following types of digital use:

- Sharing/selling of email (graphic/digital) stationery, website/auction templates, sig tags, patterns, tubes, printables etc.; i.e. basically anything that is in digital format. Meaning: If you want to share what you create you must print it yourself first.

- eCard/eGreeting sites. - To decorate other people's sites/pages/emails/auctions. This means that webdesign businesses cannot use my graphics without my permission.

- Characters in published or to be published storybooks or the like, or as models for 3D objects. You may of course create personal storybooks that will not be sold, especially when it pertains to teaching children.

- The graphics themselves may not be shared, distributed, or sold in any shape or form. If you would like to give them as gifts, please purchase them first and specify the message and email address to send gift to.

3) You may add text to any graphic as long as it's for your own use. Resizing and cropping are also acceptable, but these are the only alterations that are allowed. Please do not change the color, animate, or use them to create new graphics (such as logos, banners, e-cards etc.).

4) Digitizing (machine embroidery) is not allowed, except for your own use. Please be aware that Viking Software/Husqvarna/Inspira have exclusive rights to sell/share such designs.


Note that the graphics at ThemeCuties.com are in high resolution and are mostly intended for printing. If you plan to use them for websites or emails, you will need to resize the graphics. You are welcome to use the graphics on tangible things that you share and to decorate under the following agreement:

1) Only finished, tangible items are allowed. This means: No patterns or kits of any kind, rubber stamps, paper piecings, etc.. Example: You can share something that you have embroidered the graphic onto, but not the actual embroidery design. Please be aware that Viking Software/Husqvarna have exclusive rights to sell/share digitized designs.

2) If you want to use a graphic more than 300 times per year there is a one time fee (currently US$10 per graphic/image) for the use of the graphic as many times as you want. Just email me at orders@themecuties.com and I'll tell you how to order. Thanks!

3) No mass production. The items must be handmade by you personally. If you have professional equipment at home it may be considered mass production. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

4) Items created from the graphics may not be distributed in any digital media (websites, emails, CDs, PSP tubes, sig tags, auction templates etc.). Meaning: If you want to share what you create you must print it first. If you want to purchase graphics as gifts, please specify at the time of purchase what email to send the graphics to, along with a personalized message for the recipient (you may want to inform recipient to watch for an email from orders@themecuties.com so that email does not go into junk or spam folder instead of inbox). For viewing purposes you are of course welcome to post photos or scans of your finished crafts on a website etc.. You are also encouraged to share photos of your creations with other customers of ThemeCuties.com. Simply email your ideas and photos to ideas@themecuties.com and your ideas will be posted on our Cuties Idea Center.


All Customized Theme Cuties Portrait graphic designs, characters, copyrights and distribution rights remain the sole property of the artist Yajaira Mower, also known as Yari Mower, and may be sold by the artist at any time. Customers who purchase these graphics have limited access to using their copy of the portraits as described in the criteria and procedures listed here. The artist reserves the right to change colors and positions of any customized Theme Cuties portrait graphic without any prior notice to the influential/model customer and artist does not need a model release form. When a customer orders a Theme Cuties Portrait, the customer understands and agrees without any written form that the artist does not need a model release form in order to design the Theme Cuties Portrait for the customer or any other use that the Artist may use the graphic for.


Because of the nature of the product (digital graphics) we are not able to refund or return any orders. The reason for this is that there is no actual way of "returning" a digital graphic. For this reason, please be sure that the email address submitted at the time of purchase through PayPal is current as this is the only email address that the graphics will be emailed to. Thank you for understanding and thank you for choosing ThemeCuties.com!


Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall ThemeCuties.com or its supplier or artist (Yajaira Mower, also known as "Yari Mower") be liable for any special or consequential damages or loss that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the graphics or related documentation.